Payments by Credit or Debit Card on the Website.

Mundo Electronic takes the security of its customers very seriously and therefore works only with secure means of payment. All card transactions are encrypted by means of an SSL certificate, even the website is also fully encrypted with an SSL certificate for security, and they are guaranteed by the Verified by Visa and Mastercard Secure Code protocols. Mundo Electronic will not store any payment information in the databases, this is handled directly by the processing bank. The only information that will be stored in Mundo Electronic is the one referring to the contact information to be able to enter your account and carry out your order more quickly.

Payments with PAYPAL

Payments made through PayPal allow you to pay with your PayPal account and with your bank cards without having to create an account with us, and in a totally secure way, thanks to its cryptographic protocol SSL (Security Socker Layer, or " Secure Connection Layer ”) provided by them, one of the safest that exists. In addition, it allows payment to be made via mobile phone, tablet or email with the same guarantees.

 At the time of completing the payment, they will redirect you to a secure PayPal window, which will allow you to enter your account with them and authorize the payment.
 Consequently, the bank details will never be known to us, but they travel encrypted from you to that entity through the electronic gateway. Also, and to avoid fraud, remember that the banking entities and PayPal will never request your password by email. And even less Electronic World.

Payments by Credit or Debit Card in Stores

Credit card payments are made with total security and comfort in stores, Likewise, the data on your credit card is not registered in any database, but goes directly to the POS (Bank's Point of Sale Terminal), Mundo Electronic complies with all the technical security requirements of said processors that guarantee the total inviolability of your Network.


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