For all purposes in this document, the following terms shall be understood as follows:

  • The term “Stores” is defined as physical stores called “Mundo Electronic” owned by Mundo Comunicatel Corp.
  • The term "You", "Your" and "User" mean "User", it is understood that this is defined as any natural or legal person who buys any article or uses any of our services.
  • The term "Mundo Electronic", "We", "Our" or "We are", means only Mundo Comunicatel Corp.
  • The term "User Account" is defined as an account opened by "you" with "Us" to make purchases in the online store
  • The term "Website" is the website
  • The term "PRODUCT" is any article, equipment, accessory, or any physical device that you acquire in the "Website" or in the "Stores".
  • The Term "SERVICE" is those services offered in the "Stores" or on this "Website", now or in the future.

User Agreement
 This "User Agreement" sets out the Terms and Conditions that apply to the purchase of products or services on this "Website" or in the "Stores". When you buy any product advertised on this website, or use any of our services, or open a "User Account", you agree that you agree 100% with the "Terms and Conditions" of use contained in this agreement, plus set forth below, and with any changes that may be made to it in the future.
"You" assure that you have read, understood, and fully accepted everything stated here.
 If "you" do not agree, "you" cannot buy or use any of our products or Services, if you do not agree at any point, refrain from using or buying something, since in that case we are not responsible for any way.
The use or purchase of any product or service advertised on this website constitutes acceptance of everything stated on this page "Terms and Conditions of Use" and in this "User Agreement".
Mundo Electronic is the DBA company name Mundo Comunicatel Corp. registered in the state of Florida, in the United States of America.
This agreement is designed and will be construed only under the laws of the state of Florida, in the United States of America.
If "you" use it from another country or state, you use it "At your own risk", without the right to give effect to any conflict that may be created with the laws or provisions of the country or state from which you reside.
  So, make sure that it is not prohibited under the law of your specific country or state.
 Any legal process regarding this agreement will be subject solely and exclusively to the jurisdiction of the courts of the state of Florida, in the United States of North America.
 "You" are fully responsible for preventing the unauthorized use of your "User Account" by keeping your password to access your account secret, and you are fully responsible for any improper use, presented by the authorized or unauthorized use of herself.
"You" give permission to "Mundo Electronic" to verify (if necessary) all information that you provide us during your registration process, including information about your Credit or Debit Card, along with your email address, or any other type. relevant information that we request.
All requests to open a User Account are subject to prior verification by Mundo Electronic so that each user can enter their account safely.
The registration data as username and password must be kept by the USER, "You" accept that you are fully responsible for any reduction in the balance of your User Account, presented by the authorized or unauthorized use of your account, since only you have access to your account.
If you forget your password, Mundo Electronic may remind you of it by sending it by email or text message if you request it to "forget your password".
"You" are responsible for the payment of any applicable taxes within your purchase or use of the Services.
All prices are shown without taxes, so applicable local or federal taxes will be calculated at checkout.
In Florida, the Sales Tax (7%) will always be charged at the time you pay in your cart.
Export Tax
Export duties and taxes for international orders will be paid in advance if required by the carrier, if not, the customer must pay additional fees upon arrival in the destination country if required by the customs of that country.
In most cases, the carrier reports these costs at the time of payment and the customer does not have to pay anything else when the product arrives.
See more details and in
Shipping costs
You are responsible for paying the costs of sending your purchased product to your chosen destination, if the product is not classified as "FREE SHIPPING", in which case the shipping costs of the product are exclusively run by Mundo Electronic
Shipping costs vary for each product according to its weight, volume, and distance to travel.
Most Mundo Electronic products are shipped FREE within the USA.
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Payment methods:
At Mundo Electronic we accept multiple forms of payment such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, or many other electronic payment systems, see below to find out where to use each one.
Below every page are all accepted online payment methods.
Cards can be used in stores and on the website, the card used must always be the property of the account owner
On the Mundo Electronic website, you can make payments with credit and debit cards, as well as secure payment systems such as PayPal, G Pay, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay.
In Mundo Electronic stores you can make payments with credit or debit cards and in cash
On the Mundo Electronic mobile site, you can buy with all the same payment methods available on the website
We use 256-bit encryption technology (SSL) to protect your card information while it is transmitted securely to trusted payment gateways run by banks. All credit or debit card information is kept confidential and private.
Mundo Electronic does not collect or store your account information at all. Your transaction will be authorized by Visa, MasterCard, or Amex directly without any information remaining in our possession.



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